Sure Design T-Shirts Podcaster Advertiser Program

You can use this link to signup to our advertiser program:

Once you've completed the registration, send us an email and answer this question below:

What coupon code would you like to use?
Example: Podcast is called "This American Life" coupon code should be short and easy to remember, so something like "American Life".

Podcast Advertiser Program Frequently Asked Questions

What's the coupon for?
Once you reply I'll set up your coupon code for you, when this coupon code is used on our site, your listeners will receive a 10% discount on their order, and you will be credited with 20% of the sale. 

How much will I make?
Average order is usually around $60, so this works out to roughly $12 per sale with the 20% commission.

Can I advertise via Social Media or on my website?
I'll also provide you with a pretty URL you can use to advertise on the web. I'll base the URL off your coupon code. 

When people visit our website via clicking this link, you will also be credited with the sale. 

Using the coupon example "American Life" your pretty URL will look something like:

What kind of ads do I have to run in my Podcast?

We'll leave this part up to you. You're completely free to say what ever you want. Our favorite ads are ones your listeners enjoy listening to. We're a big fan of how Duncan Trussell and Bill Burr run their ads, which usually involve completely random rants about the products they advertise. No one likes to listen to advertising, so if you can figure out a way to make it a running gag in your podcast, at least people will enjoy listening to the ads.

Some memes around the Sure Design Brand are:

  • Thailand
  • Our shirts are all made in a small factory in Thailand.
  • Super Soft Fabric
  • Most of our shirts are printed on the softest crinkly cotton we can source.
  • Yoga
  • We have a lot of yoga prints.
  • Spiritual
  • We have a lot of spiritual prints.
  • Psychedelic
  • We have a lot of psychedelic prints.
  • Cannabis Strains
  • We have a full line of cannabis strain prints.


Here's an example of Duncan Trussell's Sure Design ads: (explicit)

Here's an example of Bill Burr's ads: (explicit)


If you need any help setting anything up, or need any help or clarification, please feel free to contact us any time.