Sure Design REPs Terms and Conditions

By participating in Sure Design T-Shirts’ Brand Ambassador program, you’re hereby agreeing to the terms and conditions:

  1. Brand Ambassadors must be 18 years or older to participate.
  2. Brand Ambassadors promote Sure Design T-Shirts products on social media by posting appropriate photos and videos of marketing events highlighting Sure Design T-Shirts products. Please contact the Sure Design T-Shirts team for clarification as needed. 
  3. Brand Ambassadors should create and share high-quality, well-lit photos and videos that showcase Sure Design T-Shirts’ products and brand.
  4. Brand Ambassadors should promote and market Sure Design T-Shirts products by supplying customers with an assigned discount code and referral link. Only orders completed with the discount code will receive a 10% discount on any Sure Design T-Shirts products. This discount may not be combined with other company discounts or promotions.
  5. Brand Ambassadors will receive a 15% commission, based on orders submitted via Sure Design using the assigned discount code or via the referral link. The commission is based on the order total after discounts and prior to any applicable tax and/or shipping fees. 
  6. Customer orders submitted without using the discount code or purchased via referral link will not be credited to the Ambassador’s account and Sure Design T-Shirts will not pay out commissions. 
  7. Brand Ambassadors may not post discount codes to coupon sites. Violation of this term will result in your removal from the Brand Ambassador Program and forfeit of related commissions.
  8. Sure Design T-Shirts will pay out earned rewards and commissions to Brand Ambassadors’ accounts by the 5th of the following month based on the method chosen when applying for the program. Sure Design T-Shirts will not cancel any order submission or add commissions for orders submitted without discount codes.
  9. Brand Ambassadors are not employees, agents, franchisees or partners of Sure Design T-Shirts, cannot act on behalf of the Sure Design T-Shirts, do not have any authority to incur debt, obligation or liability on behalf of Sure Design T-Shirts.
  10. Brand Ambassadors may not reproduce Sure Design T-Shirts’ name or trademark or any Sure Design T-Shirts materials for use in advertising without prior written approval.  
  11. Brand Ambassadors should conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the highest standard of integrity and responsibility in upholding Sure Design T-Shirts’ reputation.
  12. If any of Brand Ambassadors’ communications associated with Sure Design T-Shirts promotions (marketing, websites, blog posts, videos, audio recordings, emails, Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, etc.) are deemed offensive or inappropriate, they will be deemed, at the sole discretion of Sure Design T-Shirts, ineligible to participate in any and all Brand Ambassador promotions.
  13. Brand Ambassadors may also be immediately removed from any and all promotions and subscriptions, and will be in violation of this Agreement, if the Brand Ambassador’s marketing; contains unlawful material, property rights, illegal activity, human discrimination, sexually explicit or violent material.
  14. Brand Ambassadors may not use Sure Design T-Shirts or allow third parties to promote other companies’ products or brands. Sure Design T-Shirts reserves the unconditional right to inform them to remove said posts.
  15. This agreement is subject to acceptance by the Company and is conditioned by the acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  16. Either party may terminate this agreement immediately for cause or without reason upon written notice.
  17. Sure Design T-Shirts may discontinue the Brand Ambassador Program at any time.
  18. The terms & conditions of this program can be modified at any time at our sole discretion.